First. I would like to apologize that we don’t have clever pen names.

Next. With finals and whatnot coming up with people, not only are we a little more occupied with our time, but many other Internet users are. No new chapters will be released very soon. At least, not as quickly as our regular schedule instructs. Considering not a great amount of readers could stay with our chapters as they are released, we believe this will be beneficial.

Then. We’ve received some very kind and very thorough constructive criticism from certain viewers. After discussing many things, the two of us have decided that there is plenty of room for improvement in Kusari. Therefore, a major renovation, as you may call it, will be occurring soon. Things such as character personalities, descriptions of both characters and environments, writing style, and smaller plot points will be altered for the better good. If you’re already an up-to-date fan, don’t worry about these changes very much. We will practically be editing the whole story in-depth from where we are now, but only scrolling through it should remind you of the important changes. That is, if you have read it already.

Final. I would like to apologize that you have to look at the bottom of a blog entry before knowing who wrote it.



A brief synopsis

Greetings. A friend and myself have created a light novel which we seek to share with anyone interested. We’ve shared “Kusari” on a few websites prior to now, but we decided after a while that making a blog would be the most efficient method. We, Ryan and Michael, will both be in control of this blog and will post entries separately. The light novel will be updated every Sunday or, on occasions, Wednesday additionally. There will be plenty of other entries between the updates consisting of various related subjects, such as ideas or simply talking about the project with our audience. The novel will be separated into arcs and chapters and such just like an anime or manga. Multiple methods of sharing are provided for viewers in this post, including direct pdf format and simple images. Once an arc is done (which will be around 15 chapters or so), a download link for each one will be provided as well.
In case you’re curious as to what this light novel is like, know that we’re avid anime and manga fans. If that doesn’t clear things up, it’s quite simply a book about action. Supernatural events, a variety of characters, and all that nonsense is included.
Our two-man team is called LLKusari. If you’re not the observant type, that’s the name of our light novel preceded by two Ls. I might abbreviate it as LLK in future entries.

Thank you for your time